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In the northern part of the island of Chios, just 28 km from the town of "mastic" and "ouzo" is the village of Kardamyla. A heaven of peace, ranging from the history of the "Old Woman Mountain", cascading from its veil of myth and history, in order to continue in the spring of Nagos and the Hidden Waterfall where fairies weave their silver clothes in the moonlight only to fall in love with a mortal, and offer him their immortality.

But our journey continues on forgotten beaches like "Psalidia" and "Parpanta". The latter was used by the pirates, due to its' caves in order to hide their tresures and to make their plans. It was not only "Parpanta" the base of their operations. It was also a placed called "Nisi" (Island), covered in the mist of legend and fairytale.

And while all this evolve before the eyes of visitors with only a little imagination, the folklore of the village is closely connected with the shipping and marine lifestyle. One version of history says that Kardamyla took their name from the watercress plants which thrived in the area. Another version says that the Father of History, Herodotus, has given this name to the place because of the large and cumbersome rocks that exist here.

From history to geography Kardamyla are divided into Upper and Lower Kardamila, or in the "Village" and the "Marmaro" (Marble), the mountain and the sea part of the village, respectively. At "Marmaro" you meet the monument of the "Saylor", a reference point for our village but also the monumnet of "Kardamylitissa" that looks to the output port of Kardamyla waiting for her husband. The road from "Kardamylitissa" passes by "Sailor" and ends .... In Agali beach. On a beach with clear blue water, just few meters from our apartments.



Chios is the second largest island in the north Aegean. It is situated near the geographical centre, south of Lesvos. It covers an 822 Sq. Κm. area and has a coastal perimeter of about 500 miles. The highest mountainous terrain is Pelinaion (1170 m). Chios has frequent ferry boat connections from Piraeus and Salonica and Turkey.

Every moment of the year Chios is ready to provide holidays to fulfill the dreams of every visitor to the paradise island. Mild winter with few rains, calm sea and the characteristic “Meltemi”, north wind that blow during summer months and moderate the heat from the climate.

The main attraction that Chios has to offer is the unbounded physical beauty of its coastline, antique villages and magnificent beaches. The warm crystal clear sea makes Chios wellκnown as a place ideal for living.

Now days this beautiful island, in harmony with the nature connected with the tradition and modern life, offers a lot of opportunity to the thousands of visitors.

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