Discover Agali Beach

The beautiful complex of rental apartments is a family business that provides authentic hospitality since 2003. The name of the complex came from Agali beach. The beach just a few meters away from our apartments is a peaceful cove in the shape of a hug. It consists of 6 spacious and bright apartments, fully equipped, each with its own balcony overlooking the beautiful port of Kardamyla, an ideal place for a quiet family vacation .
The Aegean beauty, the comfort, the calm and the cleanliness, are some of the elements that characterize every space of our complex.

Each room is decorated with personal care and offers all the necessary amenities, tranquility, cleanliness and beautiful views of the port of Kardamyla. It is an ideal choice for big families and groups of friends because of the autonomy of bathrooms and bedrooms.

the magic
of our place


Kardamyla got its name from the cardamom plant that thrived in the area. The second part "mill" means rock in the Pelasgian dialect. Kardamyla is the largest village in Northeast Chios with a rich maritime and commercial history. It is the homeland of many Greek shipowners. The settlement of Kardamyla is divided into two parts: Ano Kardamyla, which is the oldest of the two settlements, is built on a hill. The second settlement is called Marmaro and is the port of the village. It is a village leaning on the sea.

In Kardamyla, the well-kept settlement that exudes air from the past, you will enjoy relaxing walks by the sea, carefree moments in the stone-built alleys and you will admire the traditional architecture of the buildings.

Activities in Kardamyla

Sights and natural landscapes in Kardamyla that are worth exploring


The Castle of Gria

For the countless nature lovers and ecotourists who visit Chios every year, they have the opportunity to experience the natural wealth of the area following a wonderful hiking route, which ends at the so-called castle of Gria.


Giosona Beach

Its beach has small and large pebbles, is open to the Aegean Sea and the sea has green waters and exceeds 8500 sq.m. Ideal solution for those who prefer isolation even in the hottest months.


The Kardamylite woman

"KARDAMYLITISSA", full body sculpture, donated by Irini Tsakou. In the area of Kato Kardamyla there is a magnificent statue. The so-called "KARDAMYLITISSA", who according to the legend saw the sailors from afar…