Kardamyla got its name from the cardamom plant that thrived in the area. The second part "mill" means rock in the Pelasgian dialect. Kardamyla is the largest village in Northeast Chios with a rich maritime and commercial history. Is the homeland of many Greek shipowners. The settlement of Kardamyla is divided into two parts: Ano Kardamyla, which is the oldest of the two settlements, is built on a hill. The second settlement is called Marmaro and is the port of the village. Kardamyla is a village perched on the sea and a popular destination for those who choose the island of Chios for their holidays as it combines a beautiful natural environment and traditional architecture.

Activities in Kardamyla

In Kardamyla, the well-kept settlement that exudes air from the past, you will enjoy relaxing walks by the sea, carefree moments in the stone-built alleys and you will admire the traditional architecture of the buildings.

It is worth visiting the church of Agios Nikolaos with the marble iconostasis in Marmaro, to admire the bronze work of Thanasis Apartis in the long naval tradition of the place, and the traditional windmills of Psarros and Mavri that stand on the beach. Ιn the village there is a naval museum, in recent years several public buildings have been built with donations from shipowners.